“Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero” Filming Locations

El's faces her demons while Robin & Nancy investigate the paranormal and Max meets her guidance councilor.

Stranger Things episode “Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero” was filmed in Atlanta, Albuquerque, Jackson, & Stockbridge in the United States of America and Vilnius in Lithuania.

Skate-o-Mania as Rink-o-Mania

El and the others sit in shock while the paramedics treat Angela.

Tiffany's Kitchen as Benny's Burgers

Lucas finds Jason and his goons preparing to depart on their hunt for Eddie.

Source: Filmap

2886 Piney Wood Drive as Henderson House

While Jason and his goons are searching for Dustin, Lucas sneaks in through a side window to send his friends a warning on Cerebro.

Lukiškės Prison as Kamchatka Prison

Hopper prepares for his escape by practicing slipping out of his ankle chains.

Patrick Henry High School as Hawkings High School

Max, Dustin, and Steve break into Counselor Kelley's office to get files on Chrissy and Fred.