“Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse” Filming Locations

Hawkins is definitely cursed but this time D&D is to blame. El didn't think through her lies.

Stranger Things episode “Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse” was filmed in Albuquerque, Douglasville, Stockbridge, & Atlanta in the United States of America and Vilnius in Lithuania.

6501 Church Street as Family Video

Robin and Steve talks about relationships before they see the news report on the murder. Later, Max and Dustin take over the store as their base of operations.

Tiffany's Kitchen as Benny's Burgers

Lucas awakens with a massive hangover after a night partying with the players and everyone learns about the murder.

Source: Filmap

Skate-o-Mania as Rink-o-Mania

El takes Mike to the roller rink for a day of fun with Will tagging along but El's bullies spot her.

Lukiškės Prison as Kamchatka Prison

Hopper is transported to a remote Soviet prison where "Enzo" works.