“Chapter One: Madmax” Filming Locations

A year has past since the defeat of the Demogorgon. Dustin & Lucas are intrigued by a new kid at school, Mike still misses Eleven, Will struggles with the aftermath of his experiences, and Nancy with the loss of her friend.

Series: Stranger Things Season 2, Episode 1
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Stranger Things episode "Chapter One: Madmax" was filmed in Atlanta, Stockbridge, Jackson, & Douglasville in United States of America.

81 Peachtree Place Northeast as Pittsburgh Apartment Building

A group of people run out of the building and hop into their escape van.


Cone Street Northwest (between Marietta & Walton) as Pittsburgh Street

The cops chase Kali's gang down the street.


Cone Street Northwest & Williams Street Northwest as Pittsburgh Street Corner

The cops continue to chase Kali's gang through downtown and around a corner.


Williams Street Northwest (between Fairlie & Forsyth) as Pittsburgh Alley

The van weaves between other cars while driving against the flow of traffic.


Bluff Street Southwest (between Murphy & Tift) as Pittsburgh Street

The gang thinks they've escaped the police only for several more cop cars to appear on their tail.


Glenn Street Southwest (between Metropolitan & Humphries) as Pittsburgh Tunnel

Kali creates the illusion of a collapsing tunnel to stop the police pursuit.


2886 Piney Wood Drive as Henderson House

Dustin searches for spare change before heading off to the arcade.


2530 Piney Wood Lane as Wheeler House

Nancy chases after Will as he bike off with the change he stole from her piggy bank.


6501 Church Street as Arcade

The Party goes to the arcade only to find several of their high score have been beaten by a newcomer named MADMAX.


48 Pray Street as Hawkins Police Department

Hopper arrives at work to find the local conspiracy theorist waiting for him.


Patrick Henry High School as Hawkings High School

Nancy goes over Steve's collect application letter before school and later she tries to convince Jonathan to attend the halloween party.


Patrick Henry High School as Hawkins Middle School

Mr. Clarke introduces Max to the class and the party follows her around to see if she is the Max from the arcade.


Jackson Drug as Melvald's General Store

Joyce is working at the store when Bob shows up and they make out a bit in the back room.


Sleepy Hollow Farm as Merrill's Farm

Hopper goes out to Merrill's pumpkin farm to investigate the dead crop.


Building A (Emory University) as Hawkins National Laboratory

Joyce and Hopper accompany Will to his regular checkup at the lab.

Source: IMDb


2980 Piney Wood Drive as Holland House

Nancy and Steve go over to visit with Barb's parents and learn that they hire an expensive private investigator to search for her.