“New World Order” Filming Locations

Shit goes tits up when the mermaid secret is revealed to the world.

Series: Siren Season 2, Episode 16
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Siren episode "New World Order" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Pipeline Road (north segment) (Stanley Park) as Dark Road

Ben and Maddie race down the road after Ian Sutton who has kidnapped Ryn.


Marine Drive (between Rockland & Odium) as Clifftop Road

Ben and Maddie block the road to stop Ian Sutton from escaping with Ryn.

Whytecliff Park as Cove

Ben runs down to the shore and follows Ian Sutton's car into the water.

Sunset Marina as The Anchor

Ryn and her friends are chased from the bar after her nature is revealed on the news.


Harris Road Bridge as Bridge Checkpoint

Ben sneaks past a military checkpoint surrounded by protestors on the road leading into town.


Queens Street Plaza as Plaza

A news report shows riots in town after the revelation.

Vivio Flower Gallery as Helen's Antiquities

Ben finds Helen's shop boarded up and covered with anti-mermaid graffiti.


Old Fire Hall (Riverview Hospital) as Spencer's Marine & Auto Repair

Ben meets up with Ryn and Maddie but Helen never arrives with their getaway vehicle.


Marine Drive (between Rockland & Odium) as Forest Checkpoint

Helen is pulled over at a military checkpoint trying to leave town and forced to take a blood test.


Industrial Therapy Building (Riverview Hospital) as Concentration Camp (intake)

Helen is taken to a military facility with a bunch of other people where they are stripped and showered.

Sunset Marina as Quinault Outdoor Supplies

Ben rushes out after buying supplies believing he was recognized by the shop clerk.


Howe Sound (near Bowyer Island) as Puget Sound

Xander and Calvin provide their sonic lure to a group attempting to capture a live mermaid.


Rannie Road (north of Koerner) as Border Checkpoint

The trio notices a military checkpoint in the road to the border and are forced to turn off onto a side road.

Woodward's W43 as Penthouse

Xander and Clive visit a fancy party to collect their money for help capturing Cami and see her being displayed in a glass case.

Sunset Marina as Captain Calvin's Dock

Xander heads down to see Calvin and Janine's new mermaid tour venture.