Torchwood Filming Locations

Captain Jack Harkness runs the small team at the Torchwood Institute in Cardiff which protects the world from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats.

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Torchwood was filmed in London & Cardiff in United Kingdom and Los Angeles in United States of America.

Rhossili Bay

From episode #401 "Miracle Day: The New World".

Source: IMDb

Los Angeles City Hall

C.I.A. Archives

In Torchwood: Miracle Day, Esther uses the main entrance of Los Angeles City Hall dressed up as the C.I.A.

Margam Castle

More wedding filming, s2e09

Cardiff Castle

Where John and Jack meet the rift, s2e13

Mermaid Quay

Torchwood Main Entrance

Dyffryn Gardens

Where the wedding party stays, s2e09

MOD Caerwent

Building that blows up in s2e12

Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes

Boeshane Peninsula

where Jack and his dad play, s2e05

National Museum of Wales

Science and Natural History Museum, Aberystwyth

Gwen and Eugiene go in hopes of figuring more out, s1e09

Buffalo Bar

where Jack and Gwen get a drink, s1e01

Penarth Pier

Tosh and Tommy kiss, s2e03

Cardiff Central Train Station

Gwen chases boy and sees the past, s1e03

Taff Mead Embankment

where Owen sees the girl murdered s1e03

Paget Rooms

Electro Theatre

ext. only, s2e10

11 Windsor Esplanade

Tosh's House

ext. only

Minskys Showbar

Club where Cary and Alien merge, s1e02

Hollywood Bowl

where Rhys and Gwen go bowling, s1e02

Glyntaff Cemetery

Eugiene's funeral, s1e09

Captain Scott Memorial Statue

Tosh and Tommy go on a walk, s2e03

Brangwyn Hall

Thames House (interior)


Jack stands on the roof, s1e01

Queen Street

chase at start of s1e03

Cardiff City Hall

Jack stands on the roof, s1e07

Thames House

ext/aerial only, children of earth

Waterguard Pub

Jacks childhood House

Boeshane village, s2e05

Bunkers Hill Close

Rhys and Gwen's House

this is where we find Gwen and Rhys living at the start of Miracle Day. Torchwood being chased by Helicopter takes place in the beach in front.

Millicent Street Car Park

car park and alley for opening scene, s1e01

South Wales Caving Club

used as the town doing the harvest in s1e06

Flat Holm Lighthouse

Island where Gwen searches for Jonah, s2e11

St. Matthews Church

St. Mary's Church

Where Jack gets the second glove, s2e07

Cornwall Hotel

Gwen goes to the pub to break up a fight, s1e01