Movies Filmed at Iona Building

Part of The University of British Columbia
6000 Iona Dr, University of British Columbia - Main, Greater Vancouver A, BC V6T, Canada

Home of the Vancouver School of Theology

Nearby Locations
Former Building from The Butterfly Effect
199 m

West Coast Suites from While I Breathe
213 m

1722 Wesbrook Crescent from Dancing with Shadows
218 m

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Wispy Sunny Pines Mental Health Facility

Henry is driving the kids to the station when they are stopped at a mental institution where a woman is preparing to commit suicide in episode 1x15 "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast".


Harvard University

Establishing shots of Harvard University.


Athena Academy

Zoe and Lacy attend school in pilot episode. From episode 1x03 "Reins of a Waterfall".

Try Seventeen

Dorm Building