“Pilot” Filming Locations

Series: Caprica Pilot
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Caprica pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver as V-Club

Virtual club Zoe accesses using her holoband.

Iona Building (UBC) as Athena Academy

Zoe and Lacy attend school.

Granville Skytrain Station as Maglev Station

Zoe boards her fateful train ride.

Hamilton Street (between Drake & Davie) as Caprica Street

Joseph Adama sees the maglev train explode.

Vancouver Central Library as Caprica City Building

Joseph and Daniel meet outside this building and decide to get coffee.

Vancouver Art Gallery as Courtroom

Joseph Adama in the courtroom.

Roundhouse Community Centre as Wilson Elementary School

Joseph picks up William from school.

David Lam Park as Park

Joseph talks with Guatrau in the park.

Hamilton Street (between Drake & Davie) as Caprica Sidewalk

Joseph talks to Sam on the phone.

Vancouver Art Gallery as Fountain

Joseph and Sam sit and chat at the fountain.

6955 Isleview Road as The Graystone Mansion

Recreated on set after the pilot.

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU) as Minister's Office

Joseph goes to talk with the minister.

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC) as GDD Briefing

Minister Chambers and Jordan Durham give the STO briefing.

Waterfall Building as Joseph's Apartment

Recreated as a set for the remainder of the series.

Ocean Point Tennis Court as Graystone Mansion Court

Daniel and Amanda play space-tennis.