Movies Filmed at University Hill Secondary School

3250 E Mall, Greater Vancouver A, BC V6S, Canada
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Formerly the location of a NRC Research Facility, this building has been substantially renovated in recent years and now houses University Hill Secondary. Prior to its renovation it was used as a clean and airy office building in numerous productions.

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Central Coast Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical company where Gus works as it appears in episode 3x01 "Ghosts".


Star City High School

Cayden James arrives after his son's basketball game has ended and later he is arrested outside before he can watch the championship in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".


Nayak Sleep Clinic

Offices of the sleep clinic in Seattle in episode 2x05 "Dream Logic".

Human Target

Office Building

Building where Chance stops the bomber in pilot episode.


Amanda's Work