Movies Filmed at Bay Lower Station (TTC)

Bay Station - Eastbound Platform, Toronto, ON M5R, Canada

Located beneath the current Bay Station, Bay Lower was only in operation for six months in 1966. Since then the platform has been used by TTC for operator training and design experimentation, and has been frequently been used for filming so as to not interrupt regular subway traffic.

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Bloor Street West & Bay Street from The Bold Type
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Bay Station (TTC) from The Handmaid's Tale
111 m

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133 m

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The Handmaid's Tale

Arlington Station (platform)

June and Moira head down into the subway looking for a way into Boston but June is discovered before she can board the train and only Moira escapes in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum".


34th Street Station

Dadich brings his kidnappers to the subway station where he hid the GPS device in episode 1x02 "2.0".

New York Minute

Source: Dave Dyment

Suicide Squad

Central Station

Enchantress finds a new host for her brother who then begins to consume people.

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Dora reads classified ads on the train.

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Resident Evil: Retribution

Moscow Subway Station

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The Rats

F-train Station

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