Titans Filming Locations

Titans was filmed in Toronto, Hamilton, & Oshawa in Canada.
Show Map

Liuna Station

Hotel Das Alpen

Kory returns to the hotel that she found the key for and is greeted by the concierge in the lobby who tells her she has the whole top floor to herself in episode 1x01 "Titans".


Hamilton City Hall

Detroit Police

Amy stops Dick outside the station and asks about his old partner when he was working in Gotham in episode 1x01 "Titans".


Lake Shore Boulevard East & Saulter Street South

Road into Detroit

Rachel's bus drives into the city in episode 1x01 "Titans".

Casa Loma

Wayne Manor

Young Dick Grayson is taken to the home of Bruce Wayne to live after his parents death in episode 1x03 "Origins".

Ted's Restaurant

Bulldog's Diner

Kori and Rachel stop for food at a diner and Kori gets into a disagreement with an abusive guy who harasses one of the waiters which turns a bit violent in episode 1x03 "Origins".


SoHo Metropolitan

Seventy Nine Central

The Nuclear Family reports in to their handler after losing Dad and failing to capture Rachel but manage to convince their handler to give them a second chance instead of killing them in episode 1x03 "Origins". Dick investigates the address he found in the Nuclear Family's GPS and has a brief conversation with their handler before a squad of goons arrives to kill them both in episode 1x05 "Together".

Princes' Boulevard (between Nunavut & Newfoundland)


Young Dick raves the car he stole from Bruce Wayne down the street away from two cop cars in episode 1x03 "Origins".

Parkwood Estate & Gardens

Caulder Mansion

Gar takes Rachel to the mansion he lives filled with strange people in episode 1x04 "Doom Patrol".


Motel 400

The Do-Si-Do Motel

Dick checks everyone into an empty motel to spend the night safe from the people pursuing them in episode 1x05 "Together".