Primeval: New World Filming Locations

Canadian spinoff of the U.K. television series Primeval in which a bunch of people hunt creatures coming through doors through time.

Primeval: New World was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

E-One Moli Energy

Cross Photonics

Offices of Evan Cross's company and headquarters of the anomaly team. From episode 1x01 "The New World".

Burnaby Central Park


The team searches for a missing child while two creatures stalk the forest in episode 1x01 "The New World".

Harbour Green Park

Skydiver Crime Scene

The police and Predator Control Team investigates the mauled body of a skydiver in episode 1x01 "The New World".

Bicycle Underpass (Stanley Park)

Anomaly under Tunnel

Evan and Dylan locate an anomaly inside a tunnel in the park in episode 1x01 "The New World".

Yacht Club Parking Lot (Stanley Park)

Police Staging Area

The team is held outside the park while the police search for the missing child within in episode 1x01 "The New World".

Whytecliff Park

Bay near Merison Oil

Two oil workers are taking readings when they are attacked by a giant snake. Later the team tracks the anomaly to the bay and lead the snake back into it in episode 1x02 "Sisiutl".

The Bridge Studios

Predator Control Centre

Dylan Weir is approached by Leo John as she is leaving the office in episode 1x02 "Sisiutl".

Univar Distribution Centre

Merison Oil

The team arrives to find protesters outside an oil shipping facility in episode 1x02 "Sisiutl".