“We Wanted Every Lie” Filming Locations

Maddie gets a little to close to Patrick when she should be closing the deal with Heller and Ezra & Richie talk with another of Maddie's former marks.

Series: Imposters Season 1, Episode 3
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Imposters episode "We Wanted Every Lie" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Powell Street (between Gore & Dunlevy) as Street Parking

Richie's car gets a ticket for illegal parking.

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU) as American Pacific Bank & Trust

Max calls the Doctor with a status update while watching Heller leave work.


Railtown Cafe as Railtown Cafe & Catering

Jules talks to Ezra and Richie and tries to convince them to let her join their hunt for Maddie.

The Ironworks as Jules's Apartment (interior)

The trio goes over everything they know about Maddie in an attempt to find any common elements.


2628 Queens Avenue as Patrick's Home

Maddie attends a barbecue with Patrick's family at his home and they get close.


800 Grand Boulevard East as Gary Heller's House

Sally searches the house and documents the money stash.


Hy's Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar as Restaurant

Maddie goes out to dinner with Gary Heller but has a hard time paying attention.


Hy's Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar as Cocktail Bar

Max seduces a woman at a hotel bar.


Ivanhoe Apartments as Saffron's Apartment

Gary Heller drives Maddie home from after their date and kisses her in the car.

Maritime Museum Dock as Marina

Max talks to the Doctor who brings up the issue of Patrick.


Brownsville Pub & RV Park as Sadie's Bar & Grill

A man tries to come onto a mysterious woman at the bar and she breaks his arm when he doesn't back off.