“Cohen, Lenny Cohen.” Filming Locations

Ezra, Richard, and Jules track down Maddie's hometown and con her parents to get information on their daughter. Meanwhile Maddie runs into a snag in her conning of Gary Heller and Lenny Cohen arrives in town.

Series: Imposters Season 1, Episode 4
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Imposters episode "Cohen, Lenny Cohen." was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Ivanhoe Apartments as Saffron's Apartment

Maddie is talking to Patrick outside her apartment after their lunch when Heller shows up with a gift.


Templeton Secondary School as St. Agnes Academy

Richard distracts one of the nuns while Jules and Ezra sneak into the school to search through yearbooks.

23539 Rawlison Crescent as Jonson Residence

The trio heads to the home of Maddie's parents where Jules and Richard have lunch with her mother.


Spring Street & Elgin Street as Street

Ezra drives after Maddie's mother while the other two search through the yearbook for people who Jules can pose as for their con.


Legacy Hair Studio as Main Street Styles

Jules makes contact with Margaret Jonson, Maddie's mother, while posing as an old school classmate.

Seasons in the Park (Queen Elizabeth Park) as Fancy Restaurant

Maddie goes out to lunch with Patrick.

Maritime Museum Dock as Marina

Max complains about Maddie's unprofessionalism with Sally.

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU) as American Pacific Bank & Trust

Heller yells at Maddie for a small mistake.


800 Grand Boulevard East as Gary Heller's House

Heller comes home while Sally is looking at his money stash and asks her to stay after work.


The Old Spaghetti Factory as Seafood Heaven

The trio goes to a restaurant so Jules can work on Arlen Jonson's phone to track down Maddie.