Movies Filmed at Georgia Viaduct

Georgia Viaduct, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
Empty Lot under Viaduct from Arrow and 2 other movies.
25 m

Expo Boulevard (between Carrall & Union) from The Flash
88 m

WestPark Lot 038 from The Flash
122 m

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The Flash

Central City Bridge

Trajectory uses her speed to bring down a bridge and Barry has to work to save the people on it in episode 2x16 "Trajectory".


Road into Town

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle drive into town during the fight over the city in episode 3x07 "Draw Back Your Bow".


Dinah stops Black Siren and her team while they are driving across the city in episode 6x01 "Fallout".


National City Bridge

Kara and Clark arrive to stop a jumper only to find Metallo waiting for them in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".

The X-Files

Southeast Freeway

Scully works her way through traffic to Mulder and Miller with the cure in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II". Mulder is heading down the highway when he notices someone following him and speeds up to evade pursuit in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".


Viaduct Battle

Deadpool attacks Francis's people on the highway but Francis escapes when Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead arrive.

Sitting on Overpass

Deadpool sits on a high overpass waiting for Francis's convoy to pass underneath.