“Protocol 4” Filming Locations

While Grant is helping his "new" partner adjust and investigating a strange disappearance, Philip meets another traveler with help for his addiction and Marcy makes a decision about David.

Travelers episode “Protocol 4” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Pacific Gateway as Serenity Inn & Suites

A group of people are attending a timeshare presentation when they are all overwritten. Grant and Walt go to the hotel to investigate as FBI agents.

700 Vernon Drive as Carly's House

Jeff comes over to talk with Carly about getting their kid back.

Canada Post Main Office as Support Group

Philip attends an addiction support group and meets another Traveler who was sent to help him.

Jericho Pier as Pier

Marcy and David go out walking and she tries to help him with his PTSD symptoms.

Hornby Plaza as Plaza

Philip walks with Jenny after the meeting and she gives him the eye drops to help with his withdrawal symptoms.