Movies Filmed at Pacific Gateway

3500 Cessna Dr, Richmond, BC V7B 1C7, Canada

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Richmond Night Market from The Interview
590 m

Aerospace Technology Campus from The Flash and 18 other movies.
742 m

River Rock Casino from Psych and 1 other movie.
1.1 km

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Serenity Inn & Suites

A group of people are attending a timeshare presentation when they are all overwritten. Grant and Walt go to the hotel to investigate as FBI agents in episode 2x02 “Protocol 4”.


Rainier Suites Hotel (convention space)

Liv and Clive talk to the various magicians around the hotel and watch some of their acts in episode 2x07 “Abra Cadaver”.


Sands Hotel [1962]

Flynn takes photos of Judith Campbell with JFK in episode 1x03 “Atomic City”.