Movies Filmed at Alley (south of Richards, west of Pender)

West Pender Street & Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B, Canada
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Belkin House from The Flash and 1 other movie.
31 m

Smile Diner from Travelers and 3 other movies.
34 m

Western Canada Building from The Interview
36 m

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The Flash


Wally and Barry chase down Plunder who is fleeing on a motorcycle in episode 3x10 "Borrowing Problems from the Future". Barry and Wally run down the alley heading for a fire but Wally is stopped and attacked by Savitar in episode 3x15 "The Wrath of Savitar". After a garbage truck blocks the police from following her, Raya Van Zandt turns down an alley. At the far end of the alley, Barry tries to phase into the car but finds himself rebuffed by veins of dark matter in episode 5x10 "The Flash & The Furious".

Alley near Broome Tower

Cisco brings Peek-a-Boo down to the ground where Joe finally brings her down with the police. Later, Wally confronts the samurai while dressed as the Flash but the samurai isn't fooled in episode 4x01 "The Flash Reborn".



Forbes pulls into an alley on his way home when he gets a text from Wakefield telling him to return to the gym in episode 2x01 "Ave Machina". Jenny and Philip kiss in an alley after leaving the presentation in episode 2x02 "Protocol 4".


Motorcycle Chase

Oliver chases a shooter on a motorcycle but loses her in an alley in episode 1x07 "Muse of Fire".

Alley behind Police Station

Oliver says goodbye to Mari behind the police station in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Vixen Takes Off

Vixen runs down an alley and flies into the air in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Detroit Alley

A group of criminals run down an alley while firing into the air behind them in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Hunter & Norton Tailors

Oliver and his father are attacked after their final fitting and are saved by a mysterious hooded figure in episode 5x08 "Invasion!".

Hub City Alley

Oliver chases Tina Boland down the alley behind her apartment but is thwarted when she leaves the range of the power dampener in episode 5x11 "Second Chances".


Alley near Incinerator

Clive and Liv stake out the serial killer's lair and Liv spaces out thinking about Tim in episode 4x04 "Brainless in Seattle, Part 2".



Someone fights off a group of Daxamites who then succumb to the leadened atmosphere in episode 2x22 "Nevertheless, She Persisted". A man steals a delivery van after knocking out the driver in episode 3x10 "Legion of Superheroes".