Movies Filmed at East Parking Garage

Part of Bentall Centre
1040 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1M2, Canada
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1050 West Pender Street from TRON: Legacy and 1 other movie.
45 m

West Pender Street (between Thurlow & Bu… from Underworld: Awakening
51 m

Eveleigh Street from The Flash and 5 other movies.
56 m

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The Flash

Parking Garage

The Flash and Firestorm defeat Captain Cold and Heat Wave in episode 2x01 "The Man Who Saved Central City".


Parking Garage

Oliver meets with Laurel but they are interrupted when the anti-vigilante task force storms the parking garage. Later in the same episode Oliver meets there with Quentin when Laurel is in trouble in episode 1x13 "Betrayal". Diggle chases Alex Faust through the garage and manages to capture him with the team in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".

Parking Garage

Oliver, Laurel, and Roy go to where the assassin's are hiding but it turns out to be a trap and they are set upon by the police in episode 3x18 "Public Enemy".

Legends of Tomorrow

Police Garage [1967]

Rip wakes up and freaks out when the Legends get to the parking garage roof but they manage to rescue him when Darhk and Merlyn attack in episode 2x09 "Raiders of the Lost Art".


Belmont Parking Garage

Garage over there where a woman is attacked by a man and then saved by a shapeshifter in episode 4x17 "Everything in Its Right Place".


Hamilton Dynamics Parking Garage

Kate follows Derek Holcomb to his car to protect him but her attempt to capture The Rifle is stopped by another masked individual in episode 1x07 "Tell Me the Truth".