“Reversal” Filming Locations

Oliver and Felicity have to figure out their new roles with one another as Black Siren commits a string of seemingly random murders and one of Felicity's old mistakes comes back to haunt her.

Series: Arrow Season 6, Episode 4
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Arrow episode "Reversal" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Buller Studio as Alley behind Bar

Black Siren lures a man outside and kills him with her sonic scream.

La Terrazza as Table Salt

Oliver is out on a date with Felicity when it is interrupted by a call from the team.

Heli-One (YDT) as Empty Field

Black Siren meets with her contact to hand over the fingerprints and get the next name on her list.


Kodak Graphic Communications as Parking Garage at Marleau & Hainesly

Curtis tracks down Black Siren to a parking garage where she is attacking her next victim.

Heli-One (YDT) as International Domain Name Directory

Cayden James and Black Siren break into the internet vault and work to destroy it.

Heli-One (YDT) as Hanger

Cayden James gives Black Siren a device to stop her from being tracked before flying off on his jet.