“11:27” Filming Locations

The team embarks on a pair of missions involving sacrifices set to take down a agricultural company developing an extremely dangerous product.

Series: Travelers Season 2, Episode 4
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Travelers episode "11:27" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

William Griffin Park as Park

Trevor poses as Helix2777 to meet with Sandstorm and hand over the package to her.


5FiftyGame Internet Cafe as Internet Cafe

Trevor parks himself in Abby's regular spot to arrange a surreptitious meeting.


700 Vernon Drive as Carly's House

Carly returns home to find Jeff & their son out so she prepares for the assassination.

Alley (south of Seymour, west of Pender) as Dead End Alley

Abby and Trevor talk while walking through an alley.


Vancouver Community College as Hospital

Grant and Kat go in for a checkout and find something worrying on the ultrasound.

Vancouver Art Gallery as Legislative Building

Carly & Grant go scouting for the assassination with Ted Bishop.


815 Hornby Street as Rooftop near Legislative Building

Carly sets herself up on a rooftop overlooking the speech with a sniper rifle.


Vancouver Community College as Alley near Galston Agriculture

Trevor and Philip prepare Abby for her mission and then monitor her from the van.


Delbrook Community Recreation Centre as Galston Agriculture

Abby goes into the lab to plant the bomb but turns back forcing Trevor to take her place.

Belkin House as Staircase from Rooftop

Carly runs out of the building after shooting Ted Bishop and gets picked up by Officer Boyd.

Canada Post Main Office as Rooftop

Carly and Marcy go up to the roof of a building that is being renovated and they see Galston Agriculture explode.