“Deathstroke Returns” Filming Locations

Oliver takes a trip with Slade to find his son while the team deals with the reemergence of the Vigilante who is targeting the council member who proposed the anti-vigilante bill.

Arrow episode “Deathstroke Returns” was filmed in Vancouver, Burnaby, & Delta in Canada.

Connaught Apartments as Sniper's Nest (exterior)

Dinah catches a glint from the sniper's scope in the window and later Felicity & Curtis review footage of him leaving.

657 37th Avenue West as Kasnian Industrial Area

Oliver and Slade arrive in Kasnia and meet with Nylander, one of Slade's old contacts, to get some information about his son.

Vancouver Film Studios as Channel 52

Dinah prepares the defense of Councilwoman Pollard during her interview but has to call the rest of the team off when Agent Watson shows up.

Buller Studio as Star City Metro Police (parking)

Dinah is packing up her car when Agent Watson approaches and suggest Dinah is the Black Canary.