“U235” Filming Locations

As the plague released by the faction ravages the planet, the team searches for a way to reactive the Director in the future to save the present.

Series: Travelers Season 2, Episode 6
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Travelers episode "U235" was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

E-One Moli Energy as Uranium Facility

The Faction takes over a facility that is being used to produce the U-235 needed to power the Director in the future.


700 Vernon Drive as Carly's House

Jeffrey struggles to take car of the child while waiting for Carly to return home.


Youth Custody Services Centre as Fort Wallace

The team heads to a naval base to retrieve a warhead to save the Director.

Holy Rosary Cathedral as Soup Kitchen (exterior)

David leaves the soup kitchen to find the streets deserted.

Britannia Mine Museum as Mine (interior)

The team takes the warhead down into the mine but find the Faction waiting there for them.