“Plus One” Filming Locations

Scully and Mulder investigate a series of mysterious deaths where all of the victims reported seeing their doppelgängers in the days leading up to their deaths.

Series: The X-Files Season 11, Episode 3
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The X-Files episode "Plus One" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Murrayville Community Memorial Hall as Concert

Arkie Seavers is at a concert when he sees his doppelgänger in the crowd.


Holly Drive (between Colony Farm & Fern) (Riverview Hospital) as Crash Site

Arkie Seavers's doppelgänger takes the wheel and crashes his car into a tree.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Henrico County Jail

Mulder and Scully interview Arkie Seavers with his lawyer present.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Henrico County Psychiatric Hospital

Scully talks to Dr. Babsi Russel about the rash of incidents and takes special interest in one of the patients, Judy Poundstone.

Beach Grove Motel as St. Rachel Motel

Scully and Mulder check into the local motel late at night and later Dean shows up in a panic after seeing his doppelgänger.


3175 West 57th Avenue as Dean Cavalier's House

Dean Cavalier tries to remove everything dangerous from his house but the doppelgänger appears before he can.