“Trevor” Filming Locations

Trevor comes clean about his symptoms which are getting worse, forcing drastic action by the Director and the team.

Travelers episode “Trevor” was filmed in Vancouver & West Vancouver in Canada.

211 Columbia Street as Interbay Addicition & Recovery Services

David is talking to his first client James Edward Bailey when the client has a heart attack.

Rogers Sugar Mill as Pier 27

Trevor freezes up while preparing to shoot down an airplane carrying anthrax forcing another Traveler team to finish the mission for them.

Queen Mary Apartments as Carly's New Apartment

Carly uses a Grant as a reference to get a nice new apartment and then meets her neighbor who seems to be in an abusive relationship much like hers.

Whytecliff Park as Whytecliff Park

Grace finds Trevor meditating on the beach and convinces him to give some other solution a try. Later, Kat brings Grant to look over the water and tests his memory about that location.

Whytecliff Park as Memorial

Marcy attends James Edward Bailey's funeral to give support to David who is giving the eulogy for his former client.