“Chapter Eight: The Upside Down” Filming Locations

Series: Stranger Things Season 1, Episode 8
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Stranger Things episode "Chapter Eight: The Upside Down" was filmed in Atlanta, Stockbridge, Jackson, & Douglasville in United States of America.

Patrick Henry High School as Hawkins Middle School

The kids hide in the school from the folks from the lab who are quickly attacked by the Demogorgon.


Building A (Emory University) as Hawkins National Laboratory

Dr. Brenner leaves with the team from the lab.

Source: IMDb


Jackson Drug as Melvald's General Store

Hopper and Joyce walk through downtown in the Upside Down.


Butts County Courthouse as Hawkins Public Library (exterior)

Hopper and Joyce track down Will to the library in the Upside Down.


East Point's Historic Civic Block as Hawkins Public Library (interior)

Joyce and Hopper find Will trapped in the Upside Down version of the library.


First Baptist Church East Point as Hawkins General Hospital (exterior)


48 Pray Street as Hawkins Police Department

The station hosts a Christmas party.