“Who Are You?” Filming Locations

Kate tries to balance her double life while tracking down a dangerous jewel thief and Alice demands something from Catherine to keep her secret.

Series: Batwoman Season 1, Episode 4
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Batwoman episode "Who Are You?" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and Chicago in United States of America.
Show Map

The Permanent as Jewelry Store

Magpie sets off an alarm while stealing a diamond ring and nearly kills a guard to escape.


Clark Street Bridge as Bridge Checkpoint

Kate passes through the checkpoint after leaving Reagan's apartment.


East Wacker Drive & North Michigan Avenue as Street

Kate drives her motorcycle through town in the morning to Wayne Enterprises.


West Wacker Drive (between Orleans & Wells) as Street

Kate drives across town towards Wayne Enterprises on her motorcycle.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Mary's Clinic

Kate, as Batwoman, brings Dodgson to Mary for treatment and Mary manages to manipulate some information from him.


Carbide & Carbon Building as Wayne Enterprises

Kate stands on top of the spire and makes herself visible to the city as Batwoman.

Vancouver Art Gallery as Gotham Art Museum

Kate stops Magpie from stealing a priceless jeweled egg but loses her when her Batarang malfunctions.


East Wacker Drive (between Wabash & Michigan) as Street

Reagan and Kate get to know one another as they walk to lunch but Kate is called away for urgent business.

The Vancouver Club as Museum of Antiquities

Kate is attempted to be a good date for Reagan as she keeps an eye on the art show but is once again forced to leave when Magpie strikes.


LondonHouse Chicago as Bat-Signal

Kate stands on the edge of the rooftop as Batwoman while Luke turns on her new and improved Bat-Signal.