“Protocol 6” Filming Locations

Travelers episode “Protocol 6” was filmed in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, & Delta in Canada.

The Dominion Building as Abandoned Building

Grant explains his presence to the cops and receives a package from another Traveler.

Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant as Van Huizen Corporation

Major Gleason loads up antimatter for transport from a research lab run by Dr. Delaney and later the team poses as a team to clean up the flooding so they can return the contents to containment.

General Fusion as Van Huizen Corporation (lab)

Major Gleason tells Dr. Delaney that he will be taking her anti-mater and later the team arrives to return it before their mobile containment unit fails.

North 40 Dog Park as Transport Route

The team intercepts the antimatter shipment to stop the explosion.

700 Vernon Drive as Carly's House

Carly and Grant to the house and share a kiss.

Vancouver Central Library as Collman & Burr

Marcy and Philip head to an office to meet a newly arriving Traveler to pass off the antimatter only to have him die shortly after arrival.

Smile Diner as Diner

David is out at lunch when he sees the news about the plane crash that Marcy predicted.