Movies Filmed at The Dominion Building

207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4, Canada
Nearby Locations
Nuba from Fringe
19 m

Pub 340 from Psych and 1 other movie.
28 m

Revolver from Backstrom
34 m

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D.A.'s Office (stairs)

Peyton hears a noise while working late at night and searches the halls for it in episode #206 "Max Wager".


Rosencratz Building

Lobby & stairwell of the apartment building that the Fringe team investigates throughout episode #314 "6B".


A sniper fires on the Fringe team in an attempt to kill the shapeshifter from the top of this building in episode #417 "Everything in Its Right Place".


Telegraph Hill Building

Rebecca searches this building's rooftop and locates Ernest Cobb before he can kill again in episode #102 "Ernest Cobb".


Abandoned Building

Grant tracks the mysterious people to an abandoned building where Jeff is searching for Carly in episode #101 "Travelers". Grant explains his presence to the cops and receives a package from another traveler in episode #102 "Protocol 6".