Movies Filmed at Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

13500 Gilbert Rd, Richmond, BC V7E 2H8, Canada
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Dyke Road (between Princess & Gilbert) from Travelers
474 m

Dyke Road (between Gilbert & No. 3) from Arrow and 1 other movie.
487 m

No. 2 Road Fishing Pier & Float from Siren
961 m

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The Flash

A.R.G.U.S. Black Ops Site

DeVoe poses as John Diggle to sneak into a secure A.R.G.U.S. facility to acquire the final piece he needs for his device in episode 4x22 "Think Fast".


Van Huizen Corporation

Major Gleason loads up antimatter for transport from a research lab run by Dr. Delaney and later the team poses as a team to clean up the flooding so they can return the contents to containment in episode 1x02 "Protocol 6".


Kasnian Water Treatment Plant

Oliver and Slade head to stop the Jackals' attack on the water plant in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Legends of Tomorrow

Landing Site [2147]

The team fights off the Kasnian soldiers who are attacking their ship in episode 1x10 "Progeny".


Maxwell Collider Facility

Darrius heads to the Maxwell Collider for a test firing in episode 2x06 "Let the Chips Fall".