“The Empty Child” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 1, Episode 9
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Doctor Who episode "The Empty Child" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Alley off Womanby Street as London Alley

Rose and the Doctor arrive in an alley in London during the Blitz.


Headlands School as Nightclub

The Doctor visits a nightclub and discovers they arrived during the Blitz.


13 Bargoed Street as Lloyds' House

Nancy leads the children to a house whose occupants are hiding during a bombing run.


Glamorgan Building (Cardiff University) as Officer's Club

Jack observes Rose hanging from a barrage balloon.


Barry Island Heritage Railway as Railway Yard

Guards surround the crashed spacecraft.


Cardiff Royal Infirmary as Albion Hospital

The Doctor tracks the strange child back to a hospital under military control.