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The pod lands outside the strange city and Kara heads into town and grabs a disguise with her companion in episode 3x20 “Dark Side of the Moon”. Kara is talking to some locals in the market when a construction crane collapses and later she goes to dinner with her old childhood friend Thara in episode 3x21 “Not Kansas”.

Legends of Tomorrow

St. James’ Park [1977]

Ray is taken to the park by The Smell and challenged to steal one of the Queen's corgis for a prank. Later, he returns to the park to report to Mick and show off his sweet tat in episode 4x03 “Dancing Queen”.

Pleistocene Jungle [768,000 BCE]

Nate and Gary go hunting a magical anomaly in the distant past but are forced to return early by a saber-toothed tiger in episode 4x03 “Dancing Queen”.