Movies Filmed at The Blarney Stone

216 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2J1, Canada
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The Irish Heather from Fringe
16 m

Carrall Street (between Water & Cordova) from The NeverEnding Story
20 m

Glory Hotel from Lucifer
29 m

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Shawn tracks down the escaped mental patient to a bar in season 7 special "Psych the Musical".

Once Upon a Time

New York Bar

Emma shares a drink with Neal Cassidy in episode 2x14 "Manhattan".

The X-Files

Corner Pocket Bar

Mulder meets with Gupta, a mysterious contact from Dr. Sanjay's phone in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".


Medieval Bar

Liv talks to the victim's LARP group with Clive after being heavily affected by the new brain and later they return to interview the zombie splinter LARPing group in episode 4x08 "Chivalry is Dead".

This Means War


Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) meets Tuck (Tom Hardy) for a lunch date.


Ray's Bar

Rebecca visits her "uncle" Ray at his bar in pilot episode.