Movies Filmed at West Hastings Street & Thurlow Street

West Hastings Street & Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC V6E, Canada
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Portal Park from The Flash and 4 other movies.
48 m

West Cordova Street & Thurlow Street from The Magicians and 2 other movies.
70 m

Oceanic Plaza from The Flash and 15 other movies.
74 m

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Biking through Intersection

Liv bikes through an intersection with her hands raised in episode 1x05 "Flight of the Living Dead".

The X-Files


Mulder races through a red light and casuses his pursuer to crash in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".


Manhattan Epicenter

Nick Lane sets of the Manhattan earthquake at this intersection in episode 4x20 "Worlds Apart".

Deadpool 2

3rd Avenue Intersection

The convoy truck smashes through several more cars while driving through downtown.