Deadpool 2 Filming Locations

Deadpool returns in a heart-filled romp about the true meaning of family.

Part of the X-Men Collection

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Deadpool 2 was filmed in Vancouver & Victoria in Canada.
Show Map

Barnet Marine Park

Sicilian Funeral

Deadpool pops out of a casket to kill a bunch of members of the mob attending a funeral.


Alley (south of Hornby, west of Pender)

Alley behind Warehouse

Deadpool runs out of the warehouse after reinforcements arrive and jumps into the back of Dopinder's taxi.


Cambie Street (between Hastings & Cordova)

Street near Vanessa & Wade's Apartment

Dopinder drops Wade off after his mission and later Wade chases the killer down the street.

Former Vancouver Zoo (Stanley Park)

Theodore Roosevelt Zoo

Wade throws himself into a polar bear enclosure in his grief.

Hatley Castle

Xavier's School

Colossus drags Deadpool to the mansion in a duffel bag after his suicide attempt and tries to convince him to join the X-Men.

Jericho Beach


Two dudes as drinking on the back of their pickup truck when Cable crashes behind them and steals the truck.


17 West Hastings Street

Army & Navy Store

Cable loads his new truck with weapons and gear he stole from the surplus store.

Lions Gate Bridge


The transport convoy drives across a bridge into the city while the X-Force descends from above.

Granville Street Bridge

Bridge into Downtown

The transport truck drives into downtown while Domino floats down on her parachute. Later, the bridge collapses causing the truck to plummet to the ground.

1090 West Pender


Cable leaps from the roof and slides down the side of the building as he sees the transport passing on the street below.

The Ironworks

Vanessa & Wade's Apartment

Wade and Vanessa are celebrating their anniversary when the guy Wade failed to kill from earlier shows up with some goons to kill them.

West Cordova Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)


Domino leaps down onto the transport truck as it dives out of a tunnel.

Under Granville Street Bridge

Under Bridge

Deadpool lands after the crash and finds his head on backwards.

West Hastings Street & Burrard Street


Cable leaps on top of the prisoner convoy as it crashes through a humvee.