Movies Filmed at Portal Park

Portal Park, Vancouver, BC V6E 4E2, Canada

Built in 1986 atop the old entrance to the Canadian Pacific Railway freight tunnel that runs under downtown (now the SkyTrain tunnel). The park was jointly funded by the City of Vancouver, TransLink, and the CPR.

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West Cordova Street & Thurlow Street from The Magicians and 2 other movies.
30 m

Alley under Portal Park from Supergirl
30 m

West Hastings Street & Thurlow Street from iZombie and 3 other movies.
48 m

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The Flash

Confronting Savior

Barry confronts the individual who saved him from the shark-man and finds out he is Harrison Wells in episode 2x04 "The Fury of Firestorm".

Downtown Park

Jesse runs with Wally to a park downtown where she kisses him in episode 3x04 "The New Rogues". Julian meets up with Caitlin at the park and they decide to go out for dinner in episode 3x13 "Attack on Gorilla City".



Carly and Jeff have a good time sharing coffee before Carly is called off for a mission in episode 3x08 "Archive".

The Magicians

NYC Park

Quentin meets with Julia to warn her about their attack on the Beast and she warns them about the Beast's curse on the throne in episode 2x02 "Hotel Spa Potions".


Outside Fundraiser

Oliver steals a motorcycle outside the fundraiser so he can chase after The Dodger in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

Laurel & Nyssa Takedown

Laurel and Nyssa take down their virus carrier in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".


Biking through Plaza

Liv bikes through a small plaza in episode 1x05 "Flight of the Living Dead".



Mary hands the vial of her blood to Kate and tells her she has to choose between saving Alice or Beth in episode 1x12 "Take Your Choice".