Movies Filmed at Albert Embarkment (near Lambeth Pier)

Albert Embankment, London Borough of Lambeth, UK
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River Thames (near Lambeth Bridge) from Spectre
134 m

Parliament View Apartments from Match Point
155 m

Lambeth Bridge from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and 6 other movies.
156 m

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Thames Embankment

Zapata sits down on a bench next to Owen Booth's wife while her associate photographs them to use as a threat in episode 4x06 "Ca-ca-Candidate for Cri-cri-Crime".

Doctor Who

TARDIS Arrives

After an incident, the TARDIS arrives on the riverfront on an alternate Earth in episode 2x05 "Rise of the Cybermen". Rose and the Doctor say goodbye to Mickey who is staying behind and then they depart in episode 2x06 "The Age of Steel".



From episode 4x01 "The Yanks in the U.K.".