“Rise of the Cybermen” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 2, Episode 5
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Doctor Who episode "Rise of the Cybermen" was filmed in London, Cardiff, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Battersea Power Station as The Cyber Factory

The Cyber factory is seen across the street.


Mount Stuart Square (east) as Update in Street

Rose and the Doctor are walking down the street when they see everyone stop and receive an update.


Coedarhydyglyn as Tyler Mansion

Jackie and Pete Tyler host a party at their home that is attacked by the Cybermen.


Albert Embarkment (near Lambeth Pier) as TARDIS Arrives

After an incident, the TARDIS arrives on the riverfront on an alternate Earth.


The Port Of Cardiff as "Recruiting" the Homeless

Homeless people are offered food and then kidnapped to be turned into Cybermen.


Sanatorium Road Underpass as Military Checkpoint

Mickey passes through a military checkpoint when heading to his grandmother's home after curfew.


Magor Brewery as The Cyber Factory (interior)

Homeless people are turned into Cybermen in a factory in alternate Earth.


The Hamadryad Centre as The Reapers HQ

Mickey and the other Reapers pull up outside their headquarters.


Tal-y-Garn Manor as The Reapers HQ (interior)

Mickey is interrogated by the crew when they realize he isn't Rickey.


The Riverfront as Bench on Waterfront

Rose tries out her new phone and decides to find her father.


Cardiff Heliport as Zeppelin Landing

Pete Tyler arrives in his Zeppelin to meet with the President.


92 Compton Street as Mickey's Grandmother's House

Mickey visits his alternate-grandmother and is then taken by the Reapers.