Movies Filmed at Alley (south of Granville, west of Pender)

Granville Street & West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada
Nearby Locations
Seymour Building from Dark Angel
22 m

Segal Graduate School of Business from The Flash and 8 other movies.
35 m

500 Block, Seymour Street from Dark Angel
53 m

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The Flash

Behind Jitters

Ronnie exits the back of the coffee shop and is ambushed by General Eiling's soldiers in episode #114 "Fallout".

Alley behind Police Station

Barry loses control of his new speed powers after leaving the police station in episode #101.

Alley near Rathaway Industries

Barry waits for the right moment and then swaps himself out with his past self in episode #217 "Flash Back".


Barry catches up with Zoom only for Zoom to be killed by his own time double in episode #223 "The Race of His Life".


Savitar drops the Earth-3 Flash in an alley and prepares to kill him before getting pulled away by the stone in episode #309 "The Present".


Alley near James Holder's Apartment

Oliver searches for the sniper's bullet in an alley wall in episode #103 "Lone Gunmen".