Movies Filmed at Eveleigh Street

Bentall Tower 1, Eveleigh Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
Bentall Centre
18 m

Bentall 3 from Fringe
33 m

Daon Building from Fear the Walking Dead and 1 other movie.
55 m

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The Flash


Zoom drops Sand Demon through the rift into an alley and tells him to kill the Flash in episode #202 "Flash of Two Worlds".


Starling City Police Department

Oliver talks to Laurel after she leaves the police station at the end of episode #113 "Betrayal".


Meeting Malcolm

Dan meets Malcolm in the in the alley in episode #108 "Et Tu, Doctor?".

Fear the Walking Dead


Chris films the police at a protest where they shot a zombie in episode #102 "So Close, Yet So Far".


HALO Landing

Ford lands in the streets of San Francisco after his HALO jump.

Outside Hospital

Elle loads Sam onto a school bus for evacuation.