Movies Filmed at Eveleigh Street

Bentall Tower 1, Eveleigh Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Bentall Centre
18 m

Bentall 3 from Fringe
33 m

East Parking Garage from The Flash and 4 other movies.
56 m

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The Flash


Zoom drops Sand Demon through the rift into an alley and tells him to kill the Flash in episode 2x02 "Flash of Two Worlds".


Meeting Malcolm

Dan meets Malcolm in the in the alley in episode 1x08 "Et Tu, Doctor?".


Starling City Police Department

Oliver talks to Laurel after she leaves the police station in episode 1x13 "Betrayal".

Fear the Walking Dead


Chris films the police at a protest where they shot a zombie in episode 1x02 "So Close, Yet So Far".


HALO Landing

Ford lands in the streets of San Francisco after his HALO jump.

Outside Hospital

Elle loads Sam onto a school bus for evacuation.