Life Unexpected Filming Locations

Life Unexpected was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

The Ironworks

Open Bar

Lux heads to the bar that Baze lives above to get him to sign the custody release paperwork in pilot episode.

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Vancouver Art Gallery

Portland Courthouse

Lux argues for her emancipation to the judge but she ends up releasing Lux into Cate and Baze's custody in pilot episode. Fern briefs Lux and her parents on the custody agreement in episode 1x02 "Home Inspected".

Waterfront Station


Lux and Baze call Cate from outside the station to get her to sign the papers in pilot episode. Cate heads outside during a break on her show and ends up telling Jenny about sleeping with Baze in episode 1x02 "Home Inspected".

Main Street Dock


Lux walks along the water looking at her map in pilot episode.


2742 Cambridge Street

Lux's Foster Home

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190 Alexander

Portland Social Services

Cate drives Lux to her emancipation meeting and tries to convince her that this might not be the best idea in pilot episode.

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East Hastings Street (between Columbia & Main)


Lux Cassidy walks down the street in pilot episode.

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Pacific Yacht Charters

K100 Boat Cruise

Ryan asks Cate to be honest with him while they are hosting an event for the radio show in pilot episode.

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Lord Strathacona Elementary

Longfellow High School

Baze drops Lux off at school in a cab while drunk but she sneaks out behind his back in episode 1x02 "Home Inspected".

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339 Railway Street

Open Bar

From episode 1x02 "Home Inspected".


Fan Tower South

Bug's House

Lux heads over to her boyfriends house to meet with him and her old friend Tasha to tell them what has been happening with her in episode 1x02 "Home Inspected".