Movies Filmed at Homer Street (between Dunsmuir & Pender)

530 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T1, Canada
Nearby Locations
Belkin House from The Flash and 1 other movie.
30 m

The BC Hydro Centre from Lucifer and 1 other movie.
37 m

Victorian Hotel from Supergirl
38 m

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The Flash

Flashback Street

Barry is attacked by a group of bullies on the street in pilot episode.

Barry Attacks Eddie

Barry pulls Eddie from Iris's car and attacks him before being stopped by Oliver in episode 1x08 "Flash vs. Arrow".


Wally and Cisco stop while chasing Shawna Baez and she manages to get the jump on them in episode 4x01 "The Flash Reborn".


Street Fight

Clark and J'onn fight a group of invaders and are soon helped by M'gann and her White Martian allies in episode 2x22 "Nevertheless, She Persisted".