“Flash vs. Arrow” Filming Locations

Series: The Flash Season 1, Episode 8
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The Flash episode "Flash vs. Arrow" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Vancouver Film Studios as Cafe

Barry gives a bouquet of flowers to a couple eating at a cafe.

Pacific Backlot Services as Central City Homeless Shelter

Barry paints a homeless shelter using his super-speed.

402 West Pender Street as Gold City Bank (exterior)

Roy G. Bivolo enters the bank for his robbery.

The Permanent as Gold City Bank

Roy G. Bivolo robs the bank by making everyone attack each other.


7927 Huston Road as Training Ground

Oliver trains Barry at an abandoned industrial site.

Homer Street (between Dunsmuir & Pender) as Barry Attacks Eddie

Barry pulls Eddie from Iris's car and attacks him before being stopped by Oliver.

Alley (south of Homer, west of Pender) as Flash vs. Arrow Fight

Oliver tries to stop Barry who is under the control of Rainbow Raider.

Belkin House as Jitters Rooftop


Alaska Street (between Juneau & Alpha) as Under the Bridge

The guys come upon Ronnie under a bridge and turn into Firestorm.