“Pilot, Part 1” Filming Locations

Rip Hunter recruits and unlikely band of heroes to help him stop an immortal warlord.

Legends of Tomorrow episode “Pilot, Part 1” was filmed in Vancouver, Burnaby, & Coquitlam in Canada.

Vancouver Film Studios as Helipad [2016]

Ray flies down and helps Oliver Queen fights off some bad guys on a helipad and then tells him about the invitation from Rip Hunter.

The Ironworks as Kendra & Carter's Apartment [2016]

Kendra and Carter argue about accepting Rip Hunter's proposition and eventually decide to spar to decide.

The Bourbon as St. Roch Bar [1975]

Sara, Rory, and Snart go drinking at a bar and end up getting into a brawl.

Source: Anonymous on Tumblr