Movies Filmed at The Makin Lands

16b Sea-to-Sky Hwy, Squamish-Lillooet D, BC V0N, Canada
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Galileo Coffee Company from Travelers
564 m

Minaty Bay from Travelers and 11 other movies.
763 m

Abandoned Dock near Britannia Beach from Travelers and 1 other movie.
786 m

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The 100

Sector Four Tunnel

Bellamy and Monty meet with Kane and Indra so they can head out in search of Clarke in episode 3x01 "Wanheda: Part 1".

Legends of Tomorrow

Redmond Field [1951]

Amaya, Rory, and Nate head to where the battle between the army and the Dominators is occurring to capture a specimen only to be captured by government agents in episode 2x07 "Invasion!".

The Interview

North Korean Nuclear Silos

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Nicole meets with the feds to arrange the release of Ben and his friends in episode 2x07 "Entrapment".