Killjoys Filming Locations

A group of bounty hunters travel around the Quad hunting down criminals and unraveling the mysteries of their pasts.

Killjoys was filmed in Toronto, Oshawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, & Brampton in Canada.

Hearn Generation Plant

Prisoner Intake Facility

Dutch and John drop off their latest capture and John hears about the bounty on his brother in episode 1x01 “Bangarang”. The team gets their new prisoner to transport in episode 1x02 “The Sugar Point Run”. The team evacuates the city in episode 1x10 “Escape Velocity”.

Old Town Tunnels

Alvis leads John down into the tunnels to get some drugs for Pawter Simms in episode 1x08 “Come the Rain”. A bunch of Old Town residents evacuate to the old bunkers in episode 1x10 “Escape Velocity”.

Ryo's Tower

Dutch and D'Avin break into the tower and rescue Vena in episode 1x02 “The Sugar Point Run”.

Casa Loma

Kendry Estate

Dutch and the team drop off the new Kendry heir with Delle Seyah in episode 1x04 “Vessel”.

Kendry Badlands Bunker

The team heads into a hidden bunker in the Badlands and has to protect the woman there from an assault in episode 1x04 “Vessel”.

21 Don Roadway

Badlands Outpost

John is being interrogated when Dutch arrives to save the day and capture their target in episode 1x01 “Bangarang”.

Sugar Point

The crew is shot down and crashes in the desolate Sugar Point industrial area and Dutch & D'Avin being searching the area while John works to fix the ship in episode 1x02 “The Sugar Point Run”.