Movies Filmed at New York State Supreme Court Building

60 Centre Street New York, NY 10007

The courthouse, originally known as the New York County Courthouse, houses the Civil and Appellate Terms of the New York State Supreme Court. Construction of the courthouse ran from 1913 until 1927 with a delay due to World War I and replaced the Tweed Courthouse to the west. The building was designed by Guy Lowell in the Roman classical style for a princely sum of $30 million. At the center of the courthouse is the 75 foot tall rotunda featuring a mural known as Law Through the Ages designed by Attilio Pusterla under the Works Project Administration.

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Person of Interest

Courthouse (exterior)

Finch talks to Emma Blake outside the courthouse in episode 4x14 "Guilty".

Carter on Radio

Carter calls the Man in the Suit on a radio she recovered from the robbery crew in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".

FBI D.C. Field Office

Fusco and Finch head to the FBI office to gain access to the safe only to have Vigilance show up in episode 3x19 "Most Likely to…".

Office of the Secretary of Defense

Senator Garrison goes to Control's office next door to the Secretary of Defense to talk about the murder of Leona Wainwright in episode 3x19 "Most Likely to…".

The Godfather

Assassination of Don Barzini.

Jessica Jones


Jessica pulls Hogarth aside outside the courthouse and asks her about getting sent to a super-max prison in episode 1x07 "AKA Top Shelf Perverts".



Bull gives Clyde Rutledge back his watch with the listening device installed in episode 1x01 "The Necklace". Reese Burton is hounded by the press on her way out of her arraignment in episode 1x03 "Unambiguous". Bull talks to Izzy's assistant Alison outside the courthouse after jury selection and Izzy invites Benny out for dinner in episode 1x08 "Too Perfect". Appears in 8 more episodes.


Supreme Court

Conner Wallace introduces the new Conviction Integrity Unit and informs the press that it will be run by Hayes Morrison in pilot episode. Sam talks to the judge outside the courthouse in episode 1x07 "A Simple Man".