Movies Filmed at Thomas Paine Park / Foley Square

Thomas Paine Park, New York, NY 10007, USA

Thomas Paine Park and the adjacent Foley Square sit in the middle of Manhattan's Civic Center across from the Supreme Court and several other courthouses and federal buildings. The park was named for the founding father Thomas Paine while the square was named for a local civic leader and saloon owner "Big Tom" Foley. The space has been a common area since the Collect Pond which formerly stood at this location was filled up in 1811, and the park and square were officially joined in 2005.

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Thomas Paine Park

Bull comes out of the subway with Marissa and they comment on the law firm's offices they are heading too in episode 1x02 “The Woman in 8D”. Bull talks to Jace Rundle about his condition in the park across from the courthouse in episode 1x13 “The Fall”. Danny gets a call from the Project Manager Sean Laheri who wants to meet in episode 1x15 “What's Your Number?”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Name Game

Bull approaches Sofia Dern and asks her to help convince Larry that even he can be scammed.

Dressed to Kill

Chunk chases Giancarlo Sartor across the street when he runs after being accused.