Movies Filmed at Walter C. Koerner Library

Part of The University of British Columbia
1958 Main Mall Greater Vancouver A, BC, Canada

This library, designed by Arthur Erickson and opening in 1997, is a central feature on the UBC campus. Featuring postmodern architecture, the entire building was designed to look like a book lying open. The original intention was to expand the library backwards, but development plans changed and now the building ends in a plain stucco wall, in contrast with the distinct glass facade on the front.

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Mathematics Building from Ellipse
38 m

Main Mall (between Memorial & Agricultur… from Charmed
50 m

Mathematics Annex from You Me Her and 1 other movie.
68 m

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Saint Attalus College Divinity School

Building from which girl jumps in episode 4x04 "The Devil Is in the Details… And the Upstairs Bedroom".


Central A&M Kansas

Battlestar Galactica

Cylon Delphi Base

Where Helo learns the truth about Sharon in episode 1x11 "Colonial Day".

You Me Her

Griffin College Plaza

Izzy and Nina talk about Izzy's arrangement while eating snacks in episode 1x04 "Check a Box". Izzy is talking to Nina about that morning when she gets a call from Emma in episode 1x05 "Niece Jackie". Nina and Izzy decide to go day drinking after their morning test in episode 2x10 "Baby, Baby Where Did Our Love Go?".

The Butterfly Effect

University Plaza

88 Minutes

Health Sciences Center (exterior)


Moor Trust Savings and Bank

David makes a call to the hospital to ask about Syd but has to flee when he sees Kerry and Ptonomy walking towards him in episode 1x01 "Chapter 1".


Caprica General Hospital

Amanda is hounded by the press outside the hospital and has a bottle thrown at her in episode 1x03 "Reins of a Waterfall".

Try Seventeen

University Square