Movies Filmed at Industrial Therapy Building

Thistle Pl, Coquitlam, BC V3C, Canada

Part of Riverview Hospital

Opened in 1963 and housed a number of shops, operations facilities, other services, and for awhile, the Riverview museum.

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Centre Lawn Building from The X-Files and 6 other movies.
114 m

East Lawn Building from Psych and 31 other movies.
139 m

West Lawn Building from Supernatural and 14 other movies.
200 m

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Russian Street

In a flashback Anatoly instructs Oliver to get himself arrested so he can get into jail with a money launderer to get information in episode 5x04 “Penance”.

Anti-Crime Unit

Adrian Chase is interrogating Church's goon when Church arrives to assault the building in episode 5x04 “Penance”.


Bristol Cove First Federal Bank

Helen goes to the bank to get the money for Helen and Xander visits in an attempt to get a loan in episode 2x02 “The Wolf at the Door”.

Ted Pownall's Office

Helen visits Ted's office to get some more money to support the mermaids in episode 2x02 “The Wolf at the Door”. Ben visits his father's office to ask for his help fighting the oil drilling in episode 2x05 “Primal Instincts”. Ted watches the footage from the sabotage of the drill and asks his assistant about free diving in episode 2x09 “No North Star”.

Pruitt County Sheriff Department

Dale comes back to work just in time to arrest Ben, Xander, Calvin, and Chris after the discovery of the body in episode 2x07 “Entrapment”.

Concentration Camp (intake)

Commander David Kyle takes a call from Nicole who tells him that she might have a peaceful way to bring in a mermaid subject for the study in episode 2x07 “Entrapment”. Helen is taken to a military facility with a bunch of other people where they are stripped and showered in episode 2x16 “New World Order”.