Movies Filmed at Del Mar Inn

535 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R1, Canada

Built in 1912 as the Cadillac Hotel, the Del Mar Inn is the one original property on the block that was not purchased by BC Hydro when they constructed their headquarters.

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Marcy's Apartment

Marcy wakes up in her apartment where her caseworker David is knocking in episode 1x01 “Travelers”. David helps get Marcy set up in an apartment all of her own in episode 2x10 “21C”.


Del Mar Inn (exterior)

Laurel finds her father drinking at a bar in a flashback in episode 3x14 “The Return”. Lance asks Laurel to wait outside while he investigates a request for backup in episode 4x14 “Code of Silence”.


Del Mar Inn

Brainy effortlessly defeats a band of Children of Liberty thugs who find him erasing the anti-alien symbol from the door of a building in episode 4x06 “Call to Action”.

Van Helsing

Vanessa's Apartment Building

Vanessa takes Mohamad to her old apartment to search for clues about her daughter in episode 1x04 “Coming Back”.